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corbeille de fleurs maison-mère


It is our special manner of announcing that God’s love is universal.

Our name, Daughters of the Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, invites us to manifest through a word, a gesture of comfort or support, our proximity to those who suffer on the journey.


En Afrique du Sud, orphelins du sida



To Love Without Exclusion 

"I will espouse you in fidelity 

and you shall know the Lord.

" Hosea 2:22


Chastity: to form an alliance with our companions on the journey, to love without exclusion.

Our vow of consecrated celibacy invites us to have open relationships in our freedom to be and to love, after the example of Christ who is free and open in all his encounters.



Christ has chosen to live chastely to manifest his absolute attachment to his Father and the universality of his love to his brothers and sisters. This means, that for us, as consecrated women, we love without exclusion, for those who cross our paths today.

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FCSCJ  - Filles de la charité du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus

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